Sunday, November 4, 2018

Countries Around the World Research:
As you research your country compare it to New Zealand to work out the similarities and differences:

  • Name of Country:
  • Your research country is in the continent:
  • Your research country is in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Currency:
  • Official Language/s spoken:
  • Research country’s flag:
  • Which countries or bodies of water surround your research country?

    • To the north of my research country is:
    • To the south of my research country is:
    • To the east of my research country is:
    • To the west of my research country is:
  • How far from the equator is your research country?
  • What is the climate in your research country? Are there seasons? Is it usually hot, cold, rainy, snowy etc?
  • What is commonly used for transportation in your research country?
  • What does the traditional clothing look like in your research country? Draw and Label:
  • How do you say “Hello” “Good Bye” in your research country?
  • What is the most popular religion in your research country?
  • What are the commonly celebrated holiday’s/festivals in your research country?
  • How do people celebrate these holidays/festivals? Write about at least one tradition
  • If someone were to visit your country of research, which city or monument would you recommend they go to and why?
  • List your research countries national bird, animal, plant and flower:
  • What is the official sport or most popular sport in your research country?
  • Name a famous person from your research country and state why they are famous:
  • Do they have any important products in your research country and do they export any to other countries?
  • What do the homes look like in your reserch country? What are the homes made from? Describe the homes and draw them:
  • What type of food is eaten your research country? Describe the foods:
  • Write 5 interesting facts about your research country.
  • List your information sources.
  • Possible Websites:

  • Display what you have learnt creatively

  • Include a piece of artwork that you have created that reflects a style of artwork that originated from your research country. Before creating your artwork research a style of artwork or an artist that originated in your research country. How has this art or artist influenced art or the culture in your research country? What materials are used to make the artwork? What are 3 interesting facts about this style of artwork or artist. This information will be displayed with your artwork: Remember to compare with a New Zealand artist or artworks:

Homework Room 8 Term 4 Week 4 2018

Monday, October 29, 2018

Room 8 Term 4 Newsletter 2018

Room 8: Term 4:
Theme-Celebrations Around the World
Welcome back to Term 4 – yes, the last term of the 2018 Year. 7 weeks away from our    Year 6 students last day here at Hinuera School. Just over 8 weeks until Christmas and the summer holidays.

The Room 8 students aimed to be well established in reading, writing and maths, with a strong emphasis on developing themselves as a whole person so that they had every opportunity to shine in whatever they participated be it academic, cultural, sports or leadership. The final leg of their 2018 learning journey will see them enhance further their aspirations, confidence and their skills of creativity, problem-solving and communication.

Dates to Remember
·         School Photos -Thursday 1 November
·         School Talent Quest - Friday 2 November
·         Dunn Cup - Friday 16 November
·         Year 6 Orientation Day @ Matamata Intermediate from 9:30-12:30-Wednesday 21 November
·         School Athletics - Friday 23 November
·         Interschool Athletics – Monday 3 December
·         Room 8 Top Town & Afternoon Tea with Room 8 Parents – Tuesday 11 December
·         End Of Year Assembly & Last Day of School Year-Friday 14 December

Homework is now on Room 8’s School Blogg. This is to ensure parents know there is homework and to save paper. Homework will continue to be displayed Mondays and due to many students out of school commitments homework will continue to be returned to school on the following Monday. The children are responsible for completing and returning their homework.

Term 4 Learning:
Our learning journey this term once again integrates the following:
Maths will involve revision and extension of the student’s knowledge and strategies around addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; proportions and ratios at your child’s current Math’s level.  
Literacy the components will include reading and writing linking to poetry, recounts, reports, explanations, narratives procedures and expositions. All students will be involved in a variety of comprehension activities that will see them answering the following type of questions- literal, reorganization, inference, vocabulary, evaluation and reaction.
Physical Education will be preparation for the school athletics. The children need suitable clothing daily for these activities.
Celebrations around the World: is the big idea for study this term. The students will be investigating a country of their choice discovering the similarities and differences between our celebrations and their country of choice as well as learning about their particular country of choice. This study will also involve Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama related to Celebrations.
Te Reo theme this term is around body parts and movement while continuing to reinforce greetings and day to day instructions.
The Key Competency being  participating and contributing.

Room 8’s daily classroom programme will continue to include Oral Language, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting, Physical Education, Te Reo, Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Health, ICT and Inquiry learning centered around the focus for the term. At times our daily programme will vary due to extra-curricular activities available to your child.

Learning at Hinuera School is enriched by having clear behavioural guidelines and high expectations, which are based on the School’s three foundation values - Respect, Resilience and Responsibility.
Together as a class, we have developed a class treaty based on these 3 R’s, which is referred to often to reinforce these expectations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to see me anytime.

Kind Regards
Mrs Judith Maguire

Homework Term 4 Week 3 2018