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Welcome to 2019:

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Countries Around the World Research:
As you research your country compare it to New Zealand to work out the similarities and differences:

  • Name of Country:
  • Your research country is in the continent:
  • Your research country is in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Currency:
  • Official Language/s spoken:
  • Research country’s flag:
  • Which countries or bodies of water surround your research country?

    • To the north of my research country is:
    • To the south of my research country is:
    • To the east of my research country is:
    • To the west of my research country is:
  • How far from the equator is your research country?
  • What is the climate in your research country? Are there seasons? Is it usually hot, cold, rainy, snowy etc?
  • What is commonly used for transportation in your research country?
  • What does the traditional clothing look like in your research country? Draw and Label:
  • How do you say “Hello” “Good Bye” in your research country?
  • What is the most popular religion in your research country?
  • What are the commonly celebrated holiday’s/festivals in your research country?
  • How do people celebrate these holidays/festivals? Write about at least one tradition
  • If someone were to visit your country of research, which city or monument would you recommend they go to and why?
  • List your research countries national bird, animal, plant and flower:
  • What is the official sport or most popular sport in your research country?
  • Name a famous person from your research country and state why they are famous:
  • Do they have any important products in your research country and do they export any to other countries?
  • What do the homes look like in your reserch country? What are the homes made from? Describe the homes and draw them:
  • What type of food is eaten your research country? Describe the foods:
  • Write 5 interesting facts about your research country.
  • List your information sources.
  • Possible Websites:

  • Display what you have learnt creatively

  • Include a piece of artwork that you have created that reflects a style of artwork that originated from your research country. Before creating your artwork research a style of artwork or an artist that originated in your research country. How has this art or artist influenced art or the culture in your research country? What materials are used to make the artwork? What are 3 interesting facts about this style of artwork or artist. This information will be displayed with your artwork: Remember to compare with a New Zealand artist or artworks:

Homework Room 8 Term 4 Week 4 2018